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技術は人なり。 金山化成では「企業は人なり」の



Company Name
Kanayama Kasei Co., Ltd.
260Miya-Machi Nishio-city, Aichi 445-0816 Japan
November 9,1960
Annual Sales
¥7,400 million (2015)
Tsutomu Kanayama(Chairman)
Noriyuki Ichiyanagi(President)
Akira Kanayama(Managing Director)
Akira Shibata(Director)
Toshiya Kurachi(Director)
Yu Sakaida(Director)
Yoshifumi Hasama
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The Nishio Shinkin Bank
The Aichi Bank, Ltd
The Bank of Nagoya, Ltd
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
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February, 1957
Started planning, research and development for manufacturing heat insulated material made of formed polystyrene.
June, 1958
Founded Kanayama Kasei Kogyo. Named the heat insulating product as “SK Foam” and started manufacturing and selling the products. The monthly production capacity was approximately five tons.
February, 1960
Opend Nagoya Sales Office in Marunouchi Naka-ku Nagoya-city, Aichi.
November, 1960
Established Kanayama Kasei Co., Ltd. Increased production to 10 tons per month.
March, 1965
Contracted with Yuka Badische Company Limited that Kanayama Kasei as a designated forming factory of formed Polystyrene for FMC.
September, 1965
Contracted with Yuka Badische Company Limited that Kanayama Kasei Co.,Ltd. as a designated forming factory of YB Board and processing it on brought in materials.
April, 1968
Moved Nagoya Sales Office to Shikishima-cho Kita-ku Nagoya-city, Aichi.
April, 1968
Opened Hamamatsu Sales Branch in Wada–cho Hamamatsu-city, Shizuoka.
February, 1970
Constructed Yonezu Distribution Center in order to expedite delivery of goods.
August, 1973
Opened Inuyama Factory(Kanayama Kasei Inuyama Co.,Ltd)in Haguro Inuyama-city, Aichi for production of various packing materials made of formed polystyrene. At this point, production capacity was 70 tons per month.
September, 1975
Finished construction of Main Factory’s new facilities for manufacturing construction materials. Further rationalized the production management system and the quality control system. Monthly production significantly increased to 230 tons.
March, 1976
Started general construction business; sheet metal processing, heat insulation and interior finish works. (The approval number from the Governor of Aichi Prefecture 51-18905)
January, 1978
The main factory obtained sanction as JIS Factory, or Japanese Industrial Standards Factory. (The approval number from the Minister of International Trade and Industry: 477086.) Also started manufacturing and sales of JISA 9511 approved heat insulation sheets and pipes.
December, 1978
Opened Shizuoka Factory(Kanayama Kasei Shizuoka Co.,Ltd.)in Mori-machi Shuchi-gun, Shizuoka for production of formed polystyren. The monthly production capacity was 100 tons.
February, 1981
Opened Tokyo Sales Office in Takanawa Minato-ku, Tokyo.
September, 1981
Set up Chuo Kako Co.,Ltd. Started operation in October to manufacture Formed Polystyrene(Product Name; MEF)on brought in materials.
February, 1985
Established Meihoku Kasei Co.,Ltd. (current Kasugai Factory)in Shimozu-cho Kasugai-city, Aichi.
December, 1988
Established Polyfoam Kanayama Appliance Limited; a joint Corporation in Bangkok, Thailand. It was the first overseas project of Kanayama Kasei Co.,Ltd.
April, 1989
Founded Kanayama Kasei Tsukuba Co.,Ltd. in Akeno-cho, Ibaraki. The construction of the Tsukuba Factory was started in February 1991.
January, 1991
Established Kanako Co.,Ltd. At Yonezu Distribution Center; separating the processing Department and the Distribution Department.
March, 1991
Polyfoam Kanayama Appliances limited; the joint corporation in Thailand was formally opened.
April, 1991
The five Kanayama Kasei Group companies; Kanayama Orifu Limited Ownership Co.,Ltd. Kanayama Kasei Inuyama Co.,Ltd. Kanayama Kasei Shizuoka Co.,Ltd. Meihoku Kasei Co.,Ltd. and Kanayama Kasei Tsukuba Co.,Ltd. were merged into Kanayama Kasei Co.,Ltd.
November, 1992
Established Espo Co. in Miya-machi Nishio-city, Aichi and Espo Kasugai Factory in Shimozu-cho Kasugai-city, Aichi.
December, 1992
Moved Nagoya Sales Branch to Shiromi-dori Kita-ku Nagoya-city, Aichi.
October, 1995
Moved Tokyo Sales Branch to Kaji-cho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
April, 1996
Opened Osaka Office in Sonehigashi-cho Fuchu-city, Osaka.
April, 1996
Opened Okazaki Sales Branch in Higashimyodaiji-cho Okazaki-city, Aichi.
June, 1997
Tsukuba factory obtained sanction as JIS Factory, or Japanese Industrial Standards Factory. (The approval number from the Minister of International Trade and Industry: 397011.) Also started manufacturing and sales of JISA 9511 approved heat insulation sheets and pipes.
February, 1998
Established Chuo Kako(Thailand)Co.,Ltd. in Samutprakan, Thailand.
December, 1998
Established Green Earth Co.,Ltd. (Spun off old Okazaki Office) in Higashimyodaiji-cho Okazaki-city, Aichi.
September, 1999
Established Kanayama Kasei(Thailand)Co.,Ltd. in Chonburi, Thailand.(Amata Factory)
December, 2000
ISO9001-1994(JAB:JQ535A) Certification.
December, 2001
Established Cinqvit Co.,Ltd. in Yushima Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.
August, 2002
Sift to ISO9001-2000(JAB:SGS/J/Q590, UKAS:QTW01132) Certification.
January, 2003
ISO14001-1996(SGS/J/E245) Certification.
July, 2003
Moved Cinqvit Co.,Ltd. to Kaji-cho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
June, 2005
Established Kanayama Kasei(Thailand)Co.,Ltd. Rojana Factory in Ayutthaya, Thailand.
August, 2005
Sift to ISO14001-2004(JP08/070420.0) Certification.
April, 2008
Green Earth Co.,Ltd. was merged into Kanayama Kasei Co.,Ltd.
August, 2009
Shift to ISO9001-2008(JP08/061005.0) Certification.
April, 2013
Opened Development center in Yonezucho, Nishio-city, and moved a Sales Group, a Mold Group, a Technical Group.





Head Quarter

Head Quarter
Head Quarter260Miya-Machi Nishio-city,Aichi 445-0816[google map
Head QuarterTEL(0563)56-2211 FAX(0563)56-6974
Kanako Co.,LtdTEL(0563)56-2625 FAX(0563)56-2667

Development Center

Development Center
Development Center16-2 Kitaura Yonezu-cho Nishio-city,Aichi 445-0802[google map
TEL(0563)56-2311 FAX(0563)56-2904

Inuyama Factory

Inuyama Factory
Inuyama Factory25-1 Kogitahigashi Haguro Inuyama-city,Aichi 484-0894[google map
Inuyama FactoryTEL(0568)67-3685 FAX(0568)67-6492
Chuo kako Co.,Ltd.TEL(0568)67-6120 FAX(0568)67-6492

Shizuoka Factory

Shizuoka Factory1780-1 Jingou Nakagawa Mori-Machi Shuchi-gun,Shizuoka 437-0223[google map
Hamamatsu OfficeTEL(0538)49-0331 FAX(0538)49-0563
Shizuoka FactoryTEL(0538)49-0215 FAX(0538)49-0455

Tsukuba Factory JIS(Japanese Indastrial Standards)Factory

Tsukuba Factory
Tsukuba Factory1500-6 Kitahara Mukoueno Chikusei-city,Ibaraki 300-4522[google map
TEL(0296)52-6011 FAX(0296)52-6015

Tokyo Office

Tokyo Office
Tokyo OfficeFeliz Bldg. 5th Floor 2-3-14 Kaji-Cho Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 101-0044[google map
Tokyo OfficeTEL(03)5256-5631 FAX(03)5256-5640
Cinqvit Co.,Ltd.[websiteTEL(03)5256-5637 FAX(03)5256-5640

Sankogiken Co.,Ltd.

Sankogiken  Co.,Ltd.
Sankogiken Co.,Ltd.[website6-35 Fukuoka Tobishima-mura Ama-gun,Aichi 490-1431[google map
TEL(0567)56-7666 FAX(0567)52-4805


Amata Factory

KKT Amata
Amata FactoryHead Office / Amata Factory[google map
700/48 Moo 5 Amatanakorn Industrial Estate Tambol Klongtamru Amphur Muang Chonburi 20000 ThailandTel.(038)743863-6 Fax.(038)214495

Rojana Factory

KKT Rojana 正門
Rojana FactoryRojana Factory[google map
40/1-40/2 Moo 5 Rojana Industrial Park, T. U-Thai,A. U-Thai, Pranakornsriayutthaya, 13210 Thailand Tel.(035)227824-8 Fax.(035)227829

Chuo Kako(Thailand)Co.,Ltd.

Chuo Kako(Thailand)Co.,Ltd.CHACHOENGSAO.THAILAND[google map
TEL663-857-3867 FAX663-857-3868

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